In this section you will see the documents that I have authoured primarily by myself and in some cases with the assistance of others. The first is the new curriculum that was introduced this academic year in the UK and, working in a UK-led International school, I have written a curriculum that reflects this change. The largest change here is the mainstreaming of computer science, a mainstay of many schools' curriculums and now has it's own strand in the UK guidelines. 

The document below as you read it demonstrates the need to both balance out where a specialist can take the lead on certain subjects and a non-specialist may be more challenged. With this in mind there is a follow-up to this document that outlines resources, links, video tutorials and examples of learning within this framework. As this is a team effort the parts that are not written by me will be added in an ad-hoc fashion.

The areas are Deciphering and Interpreting with Technology, Inquiring and Communicating with Technology, Creating and Composing with Technology and Operating and Mastering Technology.